Santee – An Urban California Paradise:

Santee, is a charming city located on the eastern coast of San Diego, California. The municipality of Santee is growing quickly, but with a caveat of keeping much of its lots/land space an eco-friendly, undeveloped environment. Living within the boundaries of Santee is to live in a country style setting, but with large city amenities. Santee is located 20 miles from the great city of San Diego, which means that its landscape contains hills, mountains, lakes and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

The communities of Santee are peaceful, well groomed and contain homes that include luxury single family homes, many of which are situated along the popular Santee lakes. Go dining at the multi-cultural restaurants throughout the Santee communities. Shopping is always fun with chic boutiques mixed with large national retail chain stores.

Santee Home Styles:

Other real estate properties involve gated communities that offer upscale townhomes, condominiums and mobile properties that are fully equipped and are available with lots of yardage. Potential homeowners will enjoy the newer multiple bedroom homes which are being built, featuring “green” living with wind power, solar power, recycling and conservation systems to save energy and water usage. Large urban lots and home styles featuring Spanish, Tuscan, and Craftsman designs cover the vast Santee landscape.

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Education in Santee:

Located within the Santee real estate communities are recreational centers, walking trails and the best in educational institutions. The Santee municipality is proud to host 8 preschools, 10 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 3 high schools, 12 public and 9 private schools. Santee has maintained a high percentile ranking among the California school systems and its proficiency levels.

Santee Community/Regional Parks:

There are planned, family-oriented and environmentally-friendly community parks to keep families having fun and remaining healthy. The city of Santee hosts eight parks known as Mast, Shadow Hill, Sky Ranch, Town Center, West Hills, Aquatic Center, Mini-Park and Big Rock. The parks offer playgrounds, picnic areas, sporting courts, community centers, walking and jogging trails.

Mission Trails Regional Park and Santee Lakes Regional Parks, are Santee’s two major parks that are noteworthy on the U.S. national park listings, especially featuring its environmentally friendly wetland environments. Within these parks are natural and community amenities for vacation camping, fishing for all levels of this sport, hiking trails, bike trails, and boating.

The Lakes of Santee:

Potential homeowners and Santee residents alike are drawn to the famous seven man-made lakes of Santee. The lakes are filled with a variety of fish species that bring top anglers from all around the country to its brimming shores, including Thursdays when the lakes are stocked with trout for the weekend. Summer lakeside concerts and movies are featured with fun, games , paddling, feeding the docks, and nighttime fireworks.

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