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    Mike Proctor – San Diego Real Estate Agent Spotlight

    Meet Mike Proctor, the Sales Manager at Whissel Realty Group brokered by eXp.

    While he was with his previous brokerage, Mike did 6 transactions in a little over a year; when he switched to Whissel Realty, he closed 12 transactions in his first 6 months and attributes that to the systems and structure of the team here. He has recently switched over to become our sales manager, working one on with with our agents to help them accomplish their goals to help more families buy or sell homes in San Diego.


    – Hi, I’m Mike Proctor. I’m the Sales Manager here at Whissel Realty Group, brokered by eXp.

    What did you do BEFORE you were in Real Estate?

    In my prior work life, I worked in the health and fitness industry. And a lot of my mentors and people that brought me up through health and fitness started making the transition over to become either a loan officer or become a realtor. And I saw the success that they were having with the tools and the skillsets that we had learned from the health and fitness industry.  I had built my career in health and fitness on helping people accomplish their fitness goals. I knew that I could do more for people other than just help them lose weight or gain muscle. And I wanted to step into a different avenue and help them achieve larger goals like owning a home. So that’s what drew me into the industry.

    What has Real Estate allowed you to do in your life?

    In all my prior careers the concept of taking on the responsibility of a mortgage payment was too much to deal with. There was too much unknown. Didn’t know when my next paycheck was coming in, or I wasn’t sure that I was gonna make as much money as I needed to to make the mortgage payment. And it wasn’t until I became a part of Whissel with the systematic way that we go about procuring clients and getting people into contracts and closing escrows on a regular basis that I felt comfortable and confident enough to move forward with purchasing my own house. My wife and I, we closed on our first home just in March of this last year, which is super awesome. Yay us.

    Why did you choose to work with Whissel Realty Group brokered by eXp?

    Prior to working with Whissel I was with another brokerage for a little over a year and I had done six transactions. Then, after talking to Kyle and making the transition over here, in just my first six months I closed 12 transactions. I can attribute that growth in productivity primarily to the systems and the accountability that was in place here that I didn’t have at my prior brokerage. And one of the things that truly attracted me to Whissel was that intimate environment that comes along with a smaller brokerage, a smaller team. The one-on-one training, the small group team environment, the culture of success. I was really drawn to that, and I really enjoyed being a part of it.

    I’m Mike Proctor, the Sales Manager at Whissel Realty Group, brokered by exp and its my job to help you achieve your goals.

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