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    Are We Headed Towards a Recession? If So, How Does That Affect Real Estate?

    We’re currently part of the longest economic recovery in American history, so are we finally headed towards a recession? And if we are, what does that mean to housing – are we going to see another bubble burst like 2008? Anas Tayour with the Whissel Realty Group goes explains it!


    Today I’m going to talk to you about the economy, and the housing market. Last week, we saw a crazy week in the equity market. And depending on where you news from, CNBC, FOX, or NPR, there were some crazy headlines out there. So, don’t let these headlines fool you. Let’s dive deep into what’s actually going on.

    What we’re experiencing right now is the longest recovery of American History.

    A recovery will stop and end when we see an economic slowdown. An economic slow down is defined by two consecutive quarters that we see the GDP slips. Which is the exact definition of a recession! A recession has nothing to do with the housing market. In fact, only two of the five last recessions have seen a drop in home prices. 2008 obviously, everyone heard about that. The cause of that recession was actually the housing market and the mortgage market.

    The indicators that are showing the recession that’s coming up very very soon, has nothing to do with housing, but in fact, is linked to the trade wars, and the bumpy geopolitical shape that we are in right now. Right now, we are witnessing an unprecedented market for buyers. The market is supremely opportunistic, and the interest rates are very low. And we never see that. An opportunistic market with low-interest rates. So, this is the right time to buy.

    If the volatility of the stock market is freaking you out, consider investing in the most and safest market out there, which is real estate. So if you have any questions, or you’re looking to buy or sell a home, talk to me, 619-757-0191.

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