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    Best Neighborhoods To Buy A Home In San Diego 2019

    Kyle Whissel looks at some of the hottest areas in San Diego where buyers are moving TO, the places that are in the path of development. So if you’re looking to buy a home in 2019, check this out to see some of the best areas in San Diego to buy a home.

    Kyle’s prediction of “The Next North Park” may surprise you.


    Anytime you’re buying a home you want to make sure you’re buying in the path of development and in the path of where people are moving. Not places people are moving out of. And what we’re finding is the number one factor that people are looking for in a home is good schools. That right now is the number one thing. School ratings mean everything to buyers. So you really want to keep that in mind.

    Some of the areas that we’re seeing that have really high score ratings but also have a good price at the same time:

    • Santee. I personally chose to move to Santee to raise my family because you’ve got very good schools. You’ve also got very good safety ratings at the same time.
    • San Marcos. You’re getting a lot of that up there. San Marcos one of the big pluses too is you’re getting newer construction which a lot of people like. More modern floor plans, higher ceilings, all of that fun stuff.
    • Otay Ranch, Eastlake area. There’s literally an entirely new development going in. It’s going to be super high walk score, brand new, good schools, and easy access to Mexico, to downtown, I mean it’s really, really booming down there.

    So those are some areas that are very attractive for families right now. Some of the other areas that we’re finding to be very attractive that are kind of up and coming areas are the places where a lot of the new restaurants are going, where a lot of the new shops are going, things of that sort. For a lot of the millennial buyers, right, they want to be in areas where they’ve got easy access to a lot of entertainment, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, all of that fun stuff.

    So my number one pick for that, La Mesa Village is just going bonkers right now. When you cruised down La Mesa Boulevard five years ago, it was nothing but antique shops and rundown old banks. And now you’ve got tons of awesome restaurants, you’ve got BO-beau, you’ve got Curbside, you’ve got City Tacos, you’ve got Farmer’s Table. I mean there’s just, it seems like every couple of months there’s a hot, new restaurant that’s opening up there. So people love areas that have a high walk score, which that’s one of the higher ones that’s out there. And you’ve also, just up the hill from there, you’ve got Windsor Hill and Mt. Nebo where you’ve got houses sitting up on a hill with crazy, insane views all the way out to the ocean.

    The last one I want to hit you with is Barrio Logan. And you might be thinking, what, Barrio Logan, that’s crazy. But Barrio Logan has become one of the new hot spots. I believe it’s the next North Park. You’re seeing a lot of gentrification there, you’re seeing breweries come in, restaurants come in. It’s really becoming a desirable area, especially for the younger crowd right now that want access to all those fun things to do.

    So there are my tips on the areas for the families as well as for those of you guys that are millennials that are looking out there. So if you’re looking to move to one of those areas, highly recommend focusing on those. Or if you own in one of those areas, you might be sitting on a ton of equity ’cause a lot of people are looking to move into your neighborhood. Either way, give me a call. Kyle Whissel at 858-699-3895.

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