Black Friday Real Estate Buying and Selling

    Black Friday is usually known for being the night where everything goes on sale in stores and outlets. People wait all year long to be able to buy a new laptop, tablet, clothes and other items that were probably too expensive to buy at retail price. However, a new tradition has arisen that may interest prospective home-owners. People selling their houses and properties are starting to get into the Black Friday spirit and have been promoting their houses at lesser prices than they would normally, and it’s all happening during Black Friday this year.

    Black Friday Real Estate Deals
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    Black Friday Buyers

    We’ve heard the rumors that Black Friday for real estate is just a myth, but put your mind at ease, it’s a thing, and it’s gaining popularity every year. Buyers that purchase real estate on Black Friday usually get some goodies with the house. In an article by Real Estate AOL, real estate owners try to sell houses during Black Friday because of the slow season during winter. Their aim is to try to get the house sold quickly, and Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for them. Because it’s so important to sell it, they usually include a multitude of appliances and benefits for the new home owners. Some people include refrigerators and laundry machines, some even threw in a wide-screen TV in the process. Some people even give discounts for a full home theatre system and electronics. It comes with benefits and it’s certain to catch the eye of a few buyers. Buying property during these times also provide you with lower property taxes, since the houses are brought down from $2000 to $10,000 less than their original prices, when you purchase it for a lower price, you pay lower taxes for it. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers.

    Black Friday Sellers

    Sellers should take the chance to sell their homes on Black Friday. In an article on Huffington Post, realtors stated that at least 42% of realtors are planning on showing homes during Black Friday weekend, with 14% of those planning on doing open houses. During Black Friday, most buyers are very serious with their intent on purchasing, making it relatively safe to sell during that time. The competition is rather small during Black Friday because it’s a new trend, not many people take advantage of it yet. This makes it the ideal setting for sellers to put their homes up during this time.

    All in all, Black Friday presents everyone with something that they can benefit from. Buyers are able to purchase a home at a decent and affordable price and gain a lot of benefits with the transaction. Sellers have a low-risk chance of selling their homes and can make money without too much stress. If you haven’t considered looking for properties and homes during Black Friday weekend this year, please do so, because you may just find your dream house for the best price you could imagine.

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