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    Buying a New Home? Why the Location You Choose is an Important Buying Decision

    Are you buying a new home in San Diego, La Jolla or elsewhere in the area? One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is where you want to buy your home, as your location will impact your commute, your choice of schools for your children and much more. In today’s blog post we’ll explain why the location you choose is an important buying decision and how to best choose the San Diego community that fits your lifestyle.

    Buying a New Home? Why the Location You Choose is an Important Buying Decision

    What Does the “Perfect Community” Look Like to You?

    Buying a new home is your chance to change the direction and quality of your life. Have you given any thought as to what the perfect community looks like? Do you want to live somewhere with ocean views and quick access to the beach for morning runs, or are you more interested in living closer to work so that you have a shorter commute? Does a condo in a high-rise building sound like the perfect fit, or would you prefer a detached house in a suburban area? Picture the perfect community – shops, restaurants, amenities, parks, and more – and make a few notes so our team can guide you in the right direction.

    What Does the Future Have in Store?

    As your home is an investment of ten, twenty or more years into the future, you’ll want to try to peer ahead to see what your life will be like at that point. The needs of a single young professional working in Downtown San Diego are obviously different than someone who has about five years until retirement and is looking forward to enjoying their morning coffee on the beach every day. If you plan on starting a family you’re also going to need to think about your future children – living very close to high-quality schools will ensure that they get a good education without you having to worry about driving them back and forth to school each day.

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    Is Resale Value a Consideration?

    Unless you’re buying a new home to retire in, you’ll also want to factor in the potential resale value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future. Buying in a community like La Jolla that has trended upwards in recent years and where homes tend to hold their value very well can protect your investment against cyclical downturns in the real estate market. It can be very challenging to predict how a community will impact resale values in ten or twenty years, but our team can show you market trends and data that will indicate the long-term prospects in the area.

    Questions? Contact Whissel Realty Today

    While every local community and neighborhood here in San Diego has its benefits, the location in which you buy your home will have a lasting impact on your family’s quality of life and your future resale value. If you have questions about the best location to buy in or if you’re ready to start the hunt for the perfect new home, contact Whissel Realty at (619) 618-7997 or by email and we’ll be happy to assist.

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