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    East County Eats – Bo-beau Kitchen + Garden – La Mesa, CA


    8384 La Mesa Boulevard
    La Mesa, CA 91942




    Tuesday -Thursday
    4:30 pm – 9:00pm

    Friday & Saturday:
    4:30 pm – 10:00pm

    10:00 am – 9:00 pm


    Where can you get amazing french cuisine and comfort food in a really cool environment? We’re here at BO-beau in the village of La Mesa, one of the coolest spots to hang out in East County. Let’s get to it.

    East County Eats is all about showing you the coolest restaurants in and around East County. I’m Kyle Whissel, with Whissel Realty and this is East County Eats.

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    Video Transcript:

    – Tyler, how’s it going?
    – Good.
    – I’m stoked to be here. This is the restaurant I come to a lot with my family. I’m excited to share it with our East County Eats audience. So for those who haven’t been here, tell us a little bit about it.
    – Neighborhood family bistro, definitely a lot of families and kids come through here.
    – [Kyle] You guys have a school bus here.
    – [Tyler] Yeah.
    – [Kyle] How many restaurants have a school bus?
    – [Tyler] This is the only one I know of.
    – Yeah.
    – Especially out here.
    – So when somebody comes in, what are they gonna find at BO-beau?
    – A little bit of everything. I think we hit comfort food on a lot of different levels. I mean offering a burger, flat breads, and then keeping it seasonal. Gonna be switching up the menu here for the fall menu.
    – And then a little bit of French inspiration in what you guys are doing?
    – [Tyler] Yeah.
    – Okay, and then you guys are in La Mesa Village. Talk about the village, ’cause a lot of people don’t know about everything there is to find here.
    – Well, they have a farmer’s market out here now on Fridays and it’s kind of turned into like a food street, you know, lot’s of restaurants opening up. So I think it’s good, gives people a destination area to come and eat.
    – Very cool. Well I’m ready to eat my friend. So let’s go back in the kitchen and check it out.
    – Awesome.
    – [Kyle] All right chef, so what dish are we making today?
    – We’re making our salmon.
    – [Kyle] All right.
    – Grilled Salmon, right now I’m getting wild salmon from Alaska, but throughout the rest of the year, when salmon’s not in season I get Verlasso salmon, which is a very sustainable, really nice salmon. Table full of salt, just a little bit of pepper.
    – [Kyle] And so salmon is almost always made with skin on, right?
    – Sometimes. I was taking it off the skin, but recently I started getting really good, high quality salmon. I don’t want to take it off, ’cause I think it’s delicious.
    – Yeah.
    – Adds and extra layer to it. And this is kind of just like a zucchini pancake I would kind of say.
    – [Kyle] Okay.
    – [Tyler] Describe it as like that.
    – So what all is in there, Zucchini and what else are we mixed in?
    – [Tyler] Scallions, eggs, a little bit of flour. So you kind of just basically make like a batter and I’m gonna hit this with a little chicken stock, kind of glaze it out.
    – [Kyle] And I know the brussel sprouts are something you guys are really known for. Tell me about those.
    – Well, we serve ’em crisped up. They get a balsamic port reduction, shaved parmesan, grated parmesan, and a little diced up pancetta in there with it and yeah, that’s definitely big.
    – [Kyle] It’s a big seller right?
    – That’s big yeah. So I got shaved asparagus here and snap peas.
    – [Kyle] What’s the secret to cooking salmon just right?
    – [Tyler] I always like to start with the skin.
    – [Kyle] Yeah.
    – Try to get some char on that and then when I flip it just want to kind just cook that meat a little bit so that it’s still nice and pink in the center, you know.
    – I know.
    – [Tyler] So once these are starting to get kind of tender then I like to hit ’em with a little bit of shallots and garlic.
    – [Kyle] Everything’s better with garlic.
    – [Tyler] Absolutely. All right guys, so I’m gonna plate this guy up here.
    – [Kyle] So start with the zucchini pancakes.
    – [Tyler] Zucchini pancakes, kind of give your salmon some height on there. My sauteed vegetables and then prop this guy on here like that and then the last part of the dish is the cilantro lime cream sauce and that’s it.

    – All right guys, I’m excited to dive into this. This is one of my favorite spots in all of East County, especially here in the village. It’s an honor to get to meet some of the Cohn family here today. So I’m excited, let’s do this. And the zucchini pancake, like you gotta dive into that right? A little bit of everything on here. All right, that is super tasty. It’s got a really fresh taste to it with all the different veggies you got in there. The zucchini pancake gives it a nice creamy taste and then that salmon is just super, super delicious. Guys, if you’re looking for a fun place to come in East County , especially here in La Mesa, whether you just want to come with your friends, you wanna bring the kids out. They got a school bus outside. It is great to bring the kids to, to play around. Good food, good drinks, good people. Come check it out, BO-Beau, in the village of La Mesa. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to share it with all your friends so they can learn about it as well. Thanks so much, for watching this episode of East Count Eats.

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