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    East County Eats – Fourpenny House – La Mesa, CA

    8323 La Mesa Boulevard
    La Mesa, CA 91942



    4:00 pm – 12:00 am

    2:00 pm – 12:00 am

    9:00 am – 12:00 am

    9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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    Video Transcript:

    – Where do you go to find a neighborhood spot? Where bankers, bricklayers, and brewers can all hang out? No worries because Fourpenny has a spot for you guys. I’m Kari Murphy with Whissel Realty, and this is East County Eats.

    – [Kyle Whissel] East County Eats is all about showing you the coolest restaurants in and around East County. I’m Kyle Whissel with Whissel Realty, and this is East County Eats.

    – Hey Peter, how are you?

    – Hey, good. Welcome.

    – So tell us a little bit about Fourpenny.

    – So Fourpenny House, we’re a Scottish brew pub and restaurant. We’ve got a full bar. This is a passion of mine, so all the pictures on the wall are all my family. I’m Scottish on both sides. The picture above the fireplace is my daughter. We make everything in house. Our brand identity is heritage, harvest, and heart. Heritage is really me and my family, and our story from Scotland. Harvest is we’re fully committed in the kitchen and brewery to using the freshest ingredients in the right season, and then heart is the staff. Really the service that people get when they come in, and they want to feel warm and welcome and that’s why it’s a house.

    – Got it, and we’re right here in the heart of La Mesa Village.

    – We are.

    – Okay so what are you going to be cooking for us today? Want to go back and check it out?

    – Sure, let’s go take a look.

    – Let’s go take a look. All right, so we’re back here in the kitchen. Scottish paella, tell me a little bit about that.

    – This is a creation from our executive chef, David Chanelle, who’s a fantastic top-notch chef here in San Diego. He came up with this because we as a brewery use a lot of barley, and it’s a great national dish in Scotland, and so he thought what can we do with the incredible seafood we have and this barley and bring it all together really under one roof as it were. So how he starts out with this is a clam and tomato broth. That’s being sauteed off now. Really works on the garlic. It incorporates as well you’ll see once we add this in, there’s a venison chorizo, and venison is fantastic. Again you get lots of venison in Scotland. You know you see the stag on all things Scottish, so it adds a real nice salt and kick to the broth. Once he does that, so we work with shrimp and also salmon. An important part of the dish is our own housemade Fourpenny ale, so it’s a nice multi-Scottish ale. Michelle was bringing up to him, and part of utilizing that is we get some of the nice multi-sweetness that reduces down and goes into the broth. Again we love using our own beer, so garlic and onions. I mean a really nice base so fresh but as that reduces down, you get that nice like I said sort of toffee and caramel sweetness from the beer. Simmers down and then the protein goes in, so you get the salmon and the shrimp and then finally the mussels at the end. The idea with it being a Scottish paella instead of using rice. I mean I know a lot of purists will look at that, well it’s not rice unless you pan fry or roast on the bottom well. Really we wanted to utilize that barley and showcase it so that’s nice and slow roasted. At the very end of the dish, you’ll see it’s beautifully plated, and we have all the mussels surrounding it on the ends. You’ll see as he plates it up, the use of barley in it again is a little more novel, but it’s something that is definitely completely unique to us. This is one of the most spectacular and certainly the most unique in terms of flavor. You’ll see those bits of venison chorizo in there just set it off.

    – All right. It sounds awesome. I’m excited to try it. All right, guys. This smells amazing. I’m so excited. I’m just going to dive right in. All right, so I’m going to take a little bit of shrimp, some chorizo, and some barley. That’s really good, guys, so the barley is in place of the rice. Really good flavor. You also have the shrimp, little bit of spice, little bit of kick from the venison. Absolutely phenomenal. I wish you guys could be here to actually taste this. Okay guys. Thank you so much for watching this episode of East County Eats. The food is absolutely amazing. If you guys have never tried Scottish food like I, myself, had never tried Scottish food before today. You have to get down here and try this food. Please guys, like the video, share the video, tell all your friends come down to Fourpenny House. They’d love to have you. Thanks again guys. Thanks so much for watching this episode of East County Eats.

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