Easy Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights For Your East County Home

    Decorating your home is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. Show off your holiday spirit by hanging lights both indoors and outdoors that give you a little bit of fun and a lot of Christmas style for your East County home. There’s no such thing as having too many lights during the holidays. While you may have some great ideas in mind for your lights, being able to easily hang them without having unappealing extension cords hanging everywhere can be more difficult than you think. By simply taking advantage of these helpful tips, you will learn some of the best places to hang holiday lights indoors and outdoors and how they can be hung with ease.

    East County San Diego Home Christmas Lights
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    Spots & Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights Outdoors

    One of the best spots to hang holiday lights outside of your home is around the windows. Typically, windows are easy to reach and lights that outline each window make the home look very well put-together for the holidays. To hang lights around the windows, you will first want to measure the outline of the window to ensure that your lights are the right length. Simply use adhesives to attach the lights around the windows, with extension cords hung near the bottom of the window, so that they are not very noticeable.

    Another great spot to hang outdoor holiday lights is around trees, posts, or pillars. This gives you a nice swirling pattern around the post or tree, and is very simple to hang! Just wrap your string of lights around the post of your choice until reaching the bottom. For sturdier light attachments, adhesives can easily be used on both posts and trees.

    Common Tools You Might Need:

    • A ladder
    • Work Gloves
    • Hardware for hanging the lights
    • Outdoor extension cords

    Spots & Tips to Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors

    Not only will you want the outside of your East County home to look great for the holiday season, but you may want the inside to be just as festive. One of the most common spots to string holiday lights around is the Christmas tree. But there are many other areas around the home where lights can be placed as well. One popular spot for hanging lights indoors is up the stair rail. Wrap your lights around the railing from top to bottom for a unique Christmas look. Transparent tape can be used to keep your lights in place on the stair rail. In addition, you may choose to hang your lights around the inside of your windows or on the fireplace mantel.

    Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

    These creative ideas are just a few ways that you may opt to hang your festive lights this holiday season. From small light displays to large light displays, there are many different ways to show off your holiday spirit this year.

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