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    Get A Jump Start On Moving!

    Staying home during Covid-19 has inspired you to move, how can you get a jump start?

    Many people across the country have been spending a lot of quality time at home lately. If you love your current home, that’s great, and maybe you’ve come to appreciate its amenities, but if you are longing for more space, a bigger yard, or easier access to San Diego’s beautiful beaches and hiking and biking trails, you may be inspired to move. Maybe you’ve decided that while moving is a priority, you’d rather wait until the post-COVID-19 world to land that dream home. While the pause button might be on for now, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump start on knowing what you want, and maybe even finding that home sooner than you think, and buying a home during a pandemic.


    Get familiar with the market

    If you are already living in the San Diego-area, then you know that this is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States — it’s no secret that many people across the country dream of moving to California. According to Zillow, San Diego County home values have gone up 5.6% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -0.9% within the next year. The market is considered hot according to Zillow, favoring a sellers market, but that predicted dip is good news for you as a buyer. By waiting a few months, you might find that prices start to go down, just when you are ready to close a deal. Keeping an eye on the market and seeking out an agent who can help you with your goals now, will better prepare you for the future, to buy a home after Covid-19.


    Create your vision 

    You may have found that what you really want in a home has clearly revealed itself during your shelter in place. Maybe it’s a new passion for baking, or pasta making. While two bathrooms may have seemed like enough for your family of five in the past, you may now realize that three is the sweet spot. Or, maybe you’ve rediscovered your green thumb and habit of gardening every weekend. Whatever has emerged during this time as your list of must-haves is important information to keep in mind when searching for your next home. Now is your opportunity to dream big. 


    Get financially prepared

    Especially if you are looking to upgrade, you might be facing a significant financial investment for your next home. One major advantage of doing everything at home due to Covid-19 is that you are likely in an excellent position to save money, without access to your morning latte, lunches out, dinners with friends, or vacations. After you create your vision for your next home, and how much it might cost, create a budget and then plan out how you can achieve your savings goals. 


    Go shopping, virtually 

    With social distancing, everything is going virtual, including home tours. While you might not be ready to buy just yet, you can search out homes virtually which fit your dream criteria and then take some tours from the comfort of your current home. If you find a home that seems like it might be the one, you can request a live showing — of course keeping social distancing rules in mind.



    If the Covid-19 situation has inspired you to make your dreams about your next home come true, now is the time to act and work with an agent to make that vision a reality. 

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