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    H. Lee House in Lemon Grove – Lemon Grove History

    Kyle Whissel meets up with Roberta Bulling from the Lemon Grove Historical Society to learn about the history of the city of Lemon Grove and the H. Lee House located in Civic Center Park. Photos in the video are courtesy of the Lemon Grove Historical Society.


    Video Transcript:

    East County, San Diego has a lot to offer. Amazing food, a rich history, tons of community events, and amazing people and organizations. I’m Kyle Whissel with Whissel Realty Group and this is Everything East County. Roberta, it’s a pleasure to see you again.

    Nice to see you too.

    So we’re here to learn more about Lemon Grove history today. We’re at the H. Lee House. Tell me a little bit about it.

    Yeah, H. Lee was an Englishman who came out to California. He sold cars downtown, but he grew up in a village that had homes likes this. So he had his architect design this and he had a builder from the old country too to build it.

    So what style of house would we call this? Because this is not a normal style house in San Diego. So what style would this be called?

    This is called a Tudor Revival home.

    All right. In the style of, you know, King Henry VIII in that era.


    Yeah. We have wonderful history lectures the first Thursday of every month, except for December, July and August, and those are free to the public. We advertise them widely because we have a wide variety of topics that are discussed here.

    And so, tell me more about, kind of the grounds that we’re on, or the Park, as we would call it.

    Yes. This park was called Civic Park, Civic Center Park, but just this month it was officially renamed Treganza Heritage Park. The Treganza family came to Lemon Grove in the very beginning, in the 1880’s, and had a farm. And they helped citrus growers, they helped Mr. Hunter with Hunter’s Nursery. Mr. Treganza, was an architect and a designer. He designed our big lemon, as well as many homes in the area. And they contributed greatly to the well-being of this community. So we felt it was fitting, the city agreed, they just voted it in this month, and the signage is all going to be paid for by the Treganza descendants.

    Roberta, thank you so much for telling us the history of this building here. Guys, hopefully you got some value, you got to learn a little bit more about the history here in Lemon Grove. If you guys enjoyed the episode, like it, comment on it, most importantly share it so others can learn as well. Thanks so much for watching this episode of Everything East County.


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