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    Halloween Decorations for Your East County Home

    The fall season is here and Halloween is just around the corner. This is the time to decorate your home for all the little ghosts and goblins that will be visiting your house and trick or treating. Since the majority of children coming to your home in costume will be young, you want to ensure that your decorations are not too scary for them. Here are a few child friendly Halloween home decorations that are sure to give those little goblins a little treat during their special night.

    Halloween Home in San Diego CA
    by Between Naps on the Porch

    Pumpkin Decorations

    One way to really get into the Halloween spirit is by carving different scary faces into pumpkins and placing on your front porch. Your porch area needs to be a little dark that evening, so placing a few pumpkins up the walkway right to your front door not only looks impressive, but it allows adults and children to see your walkway and safely make the trip back and forth to your candy bowl. Avoid placing lit candles in the pumpkins and substitute small plastic candles instead.

    Haunted Halloween Sounds

    To really make your decorations stand out from the neighbors, purchase a couple hay bales from your local garden supply center. Place one of the bales near your front door and allow about six inches behind the bale to hide a CD or tape player. Purchase a CD from many discount stores for a few dollars that comes with scary Halloween sounds on it. You place the CD in the player and make sure it is set to continuous loop play. Then set it behind one bale of hay and simply place the other bale over the top so it is safely hidden in the back. The CD’s come with squeaking doors, werewolf howls, screams, shrieks, and many other creepy sounds that will have your visitors wondering where all that noise is coming from. You can begin playing the CD in the afternoon and simply let it run on loop all day and night.

    Halloween Home Lights
    by In Sight Designs Unlimted

    Halloween Lighting

    You already know how to decorate the home with Christmas lighting, so why not grab some candy corn or black cat decorative lighting strands and place them around the exterior of your home. Line your hedges or bushes with the lights, or run a few strands of Halloween lighting up the driveway in a path leading to your front door. The lights are a great accent to your Halloween decorations and provide lighting for visitors who are approaching your home.

    The Haunted Yard

    Scarecrows are a great autumn decoration that you can add a twist to this Halloween. Simply decorate an existing scarecrow with some old clothes and garden gloves and place a rake in his hand. Create an army of scary scarecrows on your lawn by stuffing them with leaves and lying them on the ground in different positions. Bury one scarecrow face down in the ground while another scarecrow is positioned next to him with a shovel. Make some floating ghosts by taking some old white sheets and simply cut them into smaller 2 foot square pieces. Draw eyes and mouth on the front, and use wire or bread ties to attach them to tree branches around the front of your home. These home decorations are intended to be festive, and have a little Halloween twist to them.

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