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    How to Lose a Buyer in Ten Days

    If you have a property to sell in San Diego, CA, you are in a good position for a speedy sale if the property is staged correctly. With a robust real estate market in this coastal city, many people look to move to the area to take advantage of the many opportunities the area holds. Ideal climate, ocean views, increasing property values, entertainment and shopping all contribute to the draw of potential buyers. However, with new construction of homes in the area, selling an older or pre-existing home may be problematic if the home does not grab the attention of buyers. With a few minor improvements, good staging and an enthusiastic real estate agent, a quick sale may be in the near future. But make sure to avoid the easiest mistakes, since there will be another home in better condition to attract buyers if you are not careful!

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    10 Easy Ways to Lose a Buyer

    Here are ten real estate mistakes a seller may experience when selling a home. By making a few adjustments, selling may come a lot easier.

    • Funky Odors: A home that has a distinct smell due to food, pets or mold is not going to sell quickly. Deodorizing a home is always a good idea. Have a friend or acquaintance step in and give an honest evaluation of your home’s odor factor.
    • Clutter: Always get rid of clutter. Remove unnecessary articles from cabinet tops, closets and the pantry to make the area look more spacious. Remove and store extra furniture that clutters up the look. Rent a storage unit and fill it up if there is nowhere to store the extra clutter.
    • Out-of-Date Decor: While buyers are picturing themselves in your home, decor that is out of date such as popcorn ceilings, older tarnished bathroom fixtures or light fixtures that date back to the 1950’s is going to influence the outcome.
    • Overpriced: Be honest when setting a price. Make sure to follow along with your real estate agent’s suggestion since they know the market and the area price wise better than you do.
    • Wallpaper: Strip the wallpaper and paint walls in a neutral color. Wallpaper is personal and no matter how trendy you think it is, future buyers may not.
    • Personal Items: While a potential buyer is visualizing himself or herself in your home, passing family pictures in the hall or above the mantel just makes it harder for that visualization to materialize.
    • Hanging Around: Do not be there when the home is being shown. No one wants to be checking out closet space with the owner looking over his or her shoulder.
    • Unrealistic Photos: Take well-lit, realistic pictures of exterior and interior for advertising. Misrepresentation will not bode well.
    • First Impression: Make certain yard is clean and neat. Curb appeal is everything.
    • Dirt: No one likes to think of an intensive clean up before moving into their new home. Have it move-in ready.

    The Bottom Line

    San Diego’s real estate market is strong. By avoiding these ten common mistakes while choosing a real estate agent that is capable and enthusiastic together with proper staging of the property, you may need to start packing sooner than you thought.

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