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    Keith Bryan – San Diego Real Estate Agent Spotlight

    Keith Bryan joined the Whissel Realty Group in September 2017 after being referred by several friends in the real estate industry. Keith loves the outdoors, skiing, his family (including his dogs) and serving his clients by utilizing the decades of experience he has in customer service. To connect with Keith, you can call or text him at: 760-456-9471


    Hi, I’m Keith Bryan. I’m a real estate agent with the Whissel Realty Group, brokered by EXP. I’ve been a part of the team since September 2017.

    Tell me a little about yourself.

    Probably the thing that I enjoy most in life, whether it’s in profession, or my personal life, is making an impact and a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s there being to give a helping hand, maybe it’s there to give a word of encouragement, a listening ear. Knowing that I am making the positive contribution in somebody else’s life is one of the things that brings me the most joy of all things I do.

    What did you do BEFORE you were in Real Estate?

    Before joining Whissel Realty, I ran a construction company up in the Los Angeles area. Throughout my career, I’ve had many opportunities to learn about customer service, going above and beyond, giving five start customer service. And that in working hard, it yields great results and I’ve learned that throughout the years through title insurance, through construction, through banking, technology, throughout the corporate infrastructure, hard work and perseverance pays off. It’s probably the biggest takeaway that I’ve learned throughout all the years. I should say two things. One, doing the right thing for people, and two, working hard. I’ve always been very fruitful and productive.

    Why did you choose to work at the Whissel Realty Group?

    I thought initially, coming in to all this, that it could be something you could learn as you go along, and like in all industries, there’s always a learning curve, whether you’re going to school, starting a business, going after a degree, marriage, it all takes time to learn and perfect. Well, I really didn’t want to come in to real estate and spend the next 10, 15 years learning how to do real estate. I wanted to join a team that had already spent 15, 20 years figuring out how to do real estate, who had the tools and resources in place for me to kind of jump in, and learn first hand how the winners were doing it. Coming to Whissel Realty, given the opportunity to come over here and learn and work with some of the top producers in the industry, to me, is a dream come true and it’s an ideal situation for anybody who wants to shorten their learning curve from three years, five years, down to one year. In the last year that I’ve been here, I’ve been exposed to all the best industry tools and resources. This is a place where you could come and really jump in and experience real estate at warp speed. Everything is just seamless. It’s, gosh, it’s turnkey is the word. You just jump in, follow the program, and everything works seamlessly together.

    I’m Keith Bryan. I’m a real estate agent with the Whissel Realty Group here in San Diego.

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