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    The Movie Palace at Lantern Crest in Santee

    The Movie Palace, located in Santee’s premier senior living facility Lantern Crest, is a FANTASTIC perk for residents. Showing movies at least 3 times a week, the theater features 30 state of the art leather reclining chairs, wide screen projector, surround sound, starry night above you, marquee, pillows, and a popcorn machine!

    As part of the amenities included to the residents, they are able to reserve the theater for private events as long as it’s not currently in use.

    In addition to movies, the Movie Palace features events and guest performances from groups and organizations from all over San Diego.

    To schedule a visit of Lantern Crest Senior Living, reach out at 619-258-8886 or visit their website at:


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    Video Transcript:

    – Welcome to the Lantern Crest Movie Palace! My name is Brittany Fay, I am the life enrichment director here at Lantern Crest Senior Living. Today I wanted to show you around the Lantern Crest movie palace.

    We’ve got 30 state of the art luxurious leather reclining chairs for you to sit down and enjoy. We have a widescreen TV for you to watch movies on, cable. We’ve got a surround sound system for you for easy listening during any movie or performance that we may be having. We have a starry night located right above you as you’re sitting down, so you can sit down, relax, look up and look at a starry night. We have a marquee out front of the theater, so you’ll never miss it. And plenty of pillows to keep you comfortable while you sit back and watch a movie. A popcorn machine if you want popcorn during your movies, as well as treats for special events.

    Here at the Lantern Crest theater we play movies for you as a resident at least three nights a week. You’re also able to reserve this room as part of your amenities once you move in, to book it for family events, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special event you’d like to have with your family here at the theater. Other events that happen here at the theater include motivational speakers, educational speakers, San Diego community members will come in and do performances, choirs will come in and sing, and during the holiday season we have plenty of dance groups that come in and perform here as well.

    To see what else Lantern Crest Senior Living has to offer, feel free to give us a call and schedule a visit at 619-258-8886.

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