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    Lantern Crest Resident Spotlight – Russ & Shirley

    Let me introduce you to Russ and Shirley – 2 residents of Lantern Crest. They share what they love most about the community and why they chose to live here as opposed to anywhere else.

    Russ talks about what he loves about the 1 bedroom apartment that he has – see a 3d tour of one below.


    Video Transcript:

    My name is Russ Bauers I just turn 90 years old. Born in Minnesota in 1928.

    My name is Shirley Moore. I was born and raised in Colorado until I got married. My husband was in the Marine Corps. I worked for the government. I was the secretary to several department heads at the naval hospital here in San Diego when we moved out here in 1970.

    Went in the military when I was 18 years old. I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Got out of there, I went into the Marine Corps and I went to Korea, came back from Korea. I was stationed here a short time in San Diego. I went back to Minnesota, went through one big snow storm and that’s it. I came from there back to San Diego and here I am.

    I had some health issues. I lived in a townhome that had three flights of stairs and after, having the health problems I decided it was time to sell my house and move into a place like this. Where I lived and where my house was in La Mesa there were four senior living so to speak, within walking distance of my house. I had been to several of them. You never saw anybody, but this one is just, I don’t know, it’s just so nice.

    Well, like, like she said. We looked at a couple of other places. I found Lantern Crest to be the best of both. What I had seen. Well, the people here are just, they’re wonderful. From the front desk right down to the maintenance crew to the people in the kitchen, the waitresses, waiters. You just, you just can’t beat ’em. They have that putting green out there. I played on that a few time with another person that that’s here. It’s a beautiful little golf course. I mean just it’s only putting, but it is, it’s, you just couldn’t beat it. Or they have penny poker. In fact just before I came here I was down there. Won a handful of pennies. And, they, they have movies. Very good movies on Saturday night.

    As Russ said, there’s just about everything I think that you could want. I, you know, I like movies. Oh, and we like happy hour. They have a happy hour once a week. And that’s always fun, they have music. And we can get up and dance if we feel like it. I can’t put my finger on any special thing. I will say this though: when I told my daughter that I was going to move here, she said, well I guess I won’t get to visit you anymore. She visited me a week or so ago and stayed five days with a granddaughter and we had lots of fun. We went shopping and they enjoyed the dining room. So you can have company. My little great-granddaughter has already tested the pool.

    Well, it’s roomy. We have two nice, big closets. The bedroom is good sized, everything is nice. I mean the kitchen, you have a microwave, you have a refrigerator, you have anything you want in the kitchen now that you don’t have to cook. One friend that I have here, he’s sitting at the table next to where we usually sit and he, he was in the Marine Corps also, so. Although he was a, I was a Korean vet, he was a Vietnam vet, but, hey, we’re both Marines.

    The staff get to know you. They call you by name. And like I was here first, and everybody met Russ and then it was, well when’s Russ coming? Has Russ sold his house yet? When is Russ coming? You know, they asked me that for quite a while, so they knew him before he even moved in. You get to know your neighbors. You walk, you see them in the hallways, you see ’em in the dining room, you see ’em in the arts and craft room. And it’s always hello. In my house where I lived, it was a 40 unit complex. I never saw my neighbors that much.

    A lot of the people here know me by my name and I tell you, I would recommend it to anybody.

    Well my name is Shirley Moore and I have been here a very short time, but I would highly recommend this to any of my friends. So I’m very happy.


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