Managing Your Expectations When Buying and Selling a Home

    Are you thinking about buying or selling a new home in the San Diego area? You’re stepping in to the real estate market at a great time, but it’s important to keep your expectations in line with the realities that the market will present to you as a buyer or seller. In today’s blog post we’ll share a few tips for managing expectations when you jump in to the busy San Diego real estate market.

    Managing Your Expectations when Buying and Selling a Home

    Managing Two Major Transactions at the Same Time

    If you’re working on buying a new home while selling your current one you’ll need to face the reality that you’ll be managing two major transactions at the same time. Depending on your personal and financial situations you may find that it’s easier to buy a new home first so you can move out of your old one prior to the sale. This allows for a full top-to-bottom cleaning and professional staging of your home and your family won’t be inconvenienced by having potential buyers touring through the home.

    When Buying, Be Ready to Move Quickly

    One of the most important ways you can prepare yourself as a buyer in San Diego is to be ready to table an offer once you find a home that suits your needs. In a market as competitive as ours every great home will have interested buyers viewing it on a regular basis, some of whom may decide to place an offer on the same day. If you find that perfect home don’t hesitate to get your first offer in to the seller.

    Guide to Selling Your Home

    The Realities of Selling a Home in San Diego

    Home sellers face a few additional realities in order to ensure their sale moves along as smoothly as possible.

    Your Listing Price Must Be Competitive – Your home is competing with similar homes in the local area, and price is a major factor that potential buyers will be assessing. Is your price competitive with other local homes and in line with what the market will bear?

    You’ll Need Professional Staging and Photos – With thousands of listings on the market at any given time you’re facing stiff competition for buyers’ attention. You’ll want to invest in professional staging and in having a proper photographer snap the photos of your home. Make your first impression count!

    Remember to be Patient and Flexible – Don’t expect that your home will be sold to the first buyer that picks up the phone or sends an email. You may need to entertain multiple offers before you find the buyer that commits to your price and terms.

    Place Your Trust in an Experienced Real Estate Expert

    Buying, selling or both, it’s important to remember that every real estate transaction is a significant undertaking – one that can be made much easier by working with an experienced professional. When you’re ready to buy or sell a home in the San Diego area, contact the team here at Whissel Realty at (619) 618-7997 or send us a quick email through our online form and we’ll be happy to assist.

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