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    NatSweets in Santee – Everything East County

    🍪😋 Are these the BEST cookies in all of East County?
    NatSweets not only does custom cookies, but they also make AMAZING brownies, rice crispy treats, and have delicious ice cream! Kyle Whissel walks next door to meet the owner Natasha Wren as to show how to make their famous Nutty Cookie 😍
    Instagram: natsweets
    Address: 8840 N. Magnolia Ave suite # 150 Santee, CA 92071
    Video Transcript:
    [Cameraman] Hey Kyle, we got to get going.All right man let’s do this. So today on Everything East County this is kind of a special episode. We’re here at our office we are just going to take a quick little trip down the hallway to our friends at Nat Sweets. Make some amazing custom cookies, cake pops, all kinds of fun stuff. Let’s get to it. Nat, how are you?Hi, nice to meet you.You’re our neighbor.I know, I’m so excited to be here.We’re excited to share what you guys are doing here, so tell me a little bit about your shop.

    Well, we’re a custom cookie shop so excited to be here. We focus on decorated sugar cookies. So, most of our cookies here we just kind of, you know, gear towards the locals locally a lot of children families come in and pick up our cookies and we also have our delicious gourmet cookies and our ice cream, our specialty ice cream.

    All right, so you guys have the shop locally but I understand you guys ship a lot of stuff all around the country too.

    Yes, we ship all over nationwide about three days a week, so all of our decorated sugar cookies get delivered and shipped within two to three days.

    I love it. Well, I’m ready to try some. I understand I’m going to get to make some cookies today.

    Exactly, yes.

    So, let’s go in the back and get to it.


    All right, so what are we making first today.

    Today we’re making our delicious nutty cookie. We have a lot of requests. People come in and want that cookie over there, so I’m going to show you how.

    All right, so talk to me about what all is going to go into this cookie.

    Okay, so our nutty cookie has butter, eggs, sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla bean paste.

    And what’s the key to making a cookie that’s soft, but still has some texture to it ’cause that’s what I’ve noticed when I’ve eaten your guys cookies.


    Like sometimes you get a cookie that’s soft, but it kind of falls apart. Sometimes you get a cookie that’s crispy and it’s got no flavor, How do you get that perfect combo?

    We have a secret key to our cookies. First we don’t melt the butter all the way, so a lot of people do make that mistake and they melt it all the way and then they end up getting a flat cookie. So our cookies are very thick. They’re chewy on the outside and moist on the inside. And we use a vanilla that’s amazing it’s top of the line and it’s very pricey, but it’s what makes our cookies delicious.

    [Kyle] All right, so what are we going to do next?

    [Nat] Next, we are going to put she’s going to mix it into our big mixer over here and we’re going to be adding in our main ingredients for the nutty cookie, which is the pretzels, the walnuts, the toffee nut and the chocolate chip, then mix it until it gets–

    Okay, well why does the flour not go into the first mix?

    Because you have to always cream when you make a cookie the sugars and the eggs and the butter always have to cream first.


    It’s just a step by step thing when you make cookies. Even if you’re at home making them you always start off with those ingredients, you add in the flavors and then you add in the dry ingredients, and then you add in the toppings, and that’s the end piece.

    I just take mix, water, blend.

    Yeah, all together.

    So everything is all mixed up, what’s next?

    What’s next is we start scooping them. And we scoop them at four and a half ounces which is a pretty large cookie, so she scoops one by one, puts it into a baking sheet, pops it in the oven for 325, and boom, 14 minutes later we get a delicious cookie.

    And what are all the different toppings that are going in this one?

    This is one is again the nutty cookie has pretzels, which is pretty awesome it looks cool on top. Toffee nut crunch, chocolate chip which is like a semi sweet chocolate chip and walnuts.

    All right guys I’m excited to dive into this. I love family owned restaurants like this mother daughter combo, putting these amazing cookies together. Let’s dive into it. So good. All right guys, this cookie, they’ve figured out this magic combo of getting a nice crispy outside, but a soft and chewy inside so much flavor in this. Guys these cookies are phenomenal if you’re looking for good cookies, good ice cream, all kinds of fun, brownies, snacks and they do a lot of custom stuff too. So if you run a business in town and want to get some custom cookies made Nat Sweets here in Santee, this is your spot. If you guy’s enjoyed this episode we’d love for you to like it, comment on it, most importantly share it so more people can learn about these guys. Thank you so much for watching this episode of East County Eats.

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