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    New Year Resolutions for Your East County Home

    New beginnings is the theme for 2014, but as you begin making your list of New Year’s resolutions, maybe it’s time to shift focus from the traditional promises and spice them up. Instead of hitting the gym to shed a few pounds, try some heavy-lifting DIY projects around the home. If you want to get out of debt this year, try budgeting your home expenses early on this month. All in all, maybe 2014 is the year you start making resolutions with your home. Keep yourself busy and make both you and your home healthy. Here’s how:

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    1. Get Fit = Exercise Your DIY Skills

    Do you need to shed off some of the holiday pounds you gained? Instead of signing up for another gym membership, try working out with some DIY projects. Simple tasks around the home can burn just as much calories and keep both you and your home healthy. CalorieLab has already broken down how much energy you burn from just fixing up the house:

    • Building a fence = 340 calories per hour
    • Caulking the windows and doors = 280 calories per hour
    • Cleaning rain gutters = 272 calories per hour
    • Interior painting = 136 calories per hour
    • Mowing the lawn = 306 calories per hour

    2. Get Out of Debt = Budget for Home Maintenance

    The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that the average home maintenance and improvement (annually) costs around $3,300 per household. Lending institutions usually agree that you’ll spend around 1% to 3% of your home’s initial price in yearly maintenance. To avoid going over your family budget, factor in these costs this year and set aside money every month. Don’t let unexpected repairs break your wallet. Stay prepared!

    3. Learn Something New = Educate Yourself on Home Finances

    Keeping ourselves up-to-date in today’s rapidly changing environment is a must. If you’ve been looking for something new to learn, try educating yourself on home finances. It might even save you a couple hundred dollars in the process. One of the best things you can try is learning how to improve your insurance score so you can help keep your home insurance premiums down. Maybe you need some basic home maintenance training to fix a few things around the house.

    Establishing New Year’s Resolutions around Your Home

    Living in East County, San Diego can be a rewarding experience. Setting a few goals for yourself and your home will exponentially increase your quality of life. Spend more time with the family with home improvement projects. Cut your bills with energy-efficient methods, such as appliances and solar panel installations. Save water with low-flow showerheads and a low-flow toilet. The resolutions keep going on and on….


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