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    Pre approval – The First Step In The Home Buying Process

    A lot of people think that the first and most important part of the home buying process is finding that perfect home. Nick Steffl explains why they’re wrong!


    Hey, I’m Nick Steffl and I work with a lot of buyers who are coming in, and they think that the first step they need to make when it comes to the home buying process is finding that perfect home. Although that’s logical, the most important thing we need to do in the beginning is actually pre-approval.

    What is pre-approval?

    Pre-approval is when you meet up with your lender, you go through all your financial information, most importantly your income, your debts, your FICO score, and with that, they then give you a number that they are going to approve you for on a mortgage.

    So, what are the benefits of getting pre-approval?

    1. Number one, you now know what you can afford. With this information, you can go out and you can see what’s an appropriately priced home for you. On top of that, you might also know and learn that you now can afford more than you originally intended based on what your lender approved you for.
    2. Second, on top of that, sellers are now going to take you more seriously as a buyer who has done their due diligence, has done their homework, met with their lender, and is now ready to put in an offer.
    3. And thirdly, when you’re going off on that search with me and we’re finding those properties, we now can send in those offers knowing what we’re approved for. Once we find that perfect home, we don’t want to let it fall through the cracks and go to another buyer, we know that we are approved, we don’t have to go through that process again and we’re well on our way to giving you that perfect home.

    I work with plenty of lenders that we’ve been working with for years at this office. We know them, we trust them, and we are ready to set them up with you to get you pre-approved for that perfect home. Feel free to call me or text me at any time, any day, my cell phone number is 619-933-7155.

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