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    Sell You Home 79% Faster with Staging – Kyle Whissel

    Why is home staging proven to sell homes faster and for more money? Kyle explains the psychology behind a staged room and how that will help potential home buyers see the space more clearly.


    Staging is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to selling a home, especially a vacant home. A lot of times when I meet with somebody who’s thinking about putting their home on the market that’s vacant, they’re actually scared of putting furniture in the home because they’re fearful that it will shrink the home.

    There’s a misconception that once you put furniture in, it makes the home feel smaller. When in fact, it actually makes the home look significantly bigger when you stage it.

    The key is with the right size furniture. And the key with staging is you’ve got to paint a picture for a buyer of how they can utilize a particular space. While in a perfect world, buyers would walk in an empty room and have the vision of what they could do with that space, but the reality of it is buyers do not have a vision. You have to provide that vision for them and the number one way to provide that vision for them is to actually have your home staged.

    The National Association of Realtors did a study and they found that homes that were staged sold 79% faster than homes that weren’t staged. They also found that they sold for 6% above the listing price when they were staged. The typical investment to stage a home is somewhere in the one to three percent range, but that one to three percent spend is netting an eight to 10% higher sales price. So, spend one to three percent, get eight to 10% more. That difference in between is more money that’s going into your pocket. And it’s going into your pocket because you’re providing a vision for a buyer of what they can do with that home. They can envision themselves sitting on the couch in front of that fireplace with the Christmas tree during the holiday season. They can sit at that dining room table and envision their family sharing a Thanksgiving dinner there.

    So that’s the importance of www. You have to provide that vision to buyers. You’re going to put more money in your pocket and you’re going to do it in less time. So, if you want to learn more about staging, you’d like to have our team come out and provide you a free staging consultation, we’d love to connect with you. We even have a book that includes more information on the staging and all the other things that are important to selling your home for more money. If you want more info, call or text Kyle Whissel at 858-699-3895.

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