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    Sell Your Home Quicker By Selling the Lifestyle, Too!

    Sörn, flickr.com
    Sörn, flickr.com

    A great way to attract buyers when selling your San Diego home is by promoting and emphasizing the lifestyle and culture of the area. Newcomers to the area are often drawn here by the promise of a laid-back vibe and awesome weather, and there are plenty of ways to make your home mesh with those ideals.

    People often relocate to San Diego to enjoy its amazing brewpubs, cuisine, as well as its art and music scene. So promoting the location of your home and certain features that enhance overall livability can help to sell your home quickly for a maximum return.

    Location is Everything

    Some of the people who look at your San Diego or Mesa home will already be familiar with the area. However, others may be out of their element and unaware of its proximity to certain attractions.

    Don’t just tout your home’s proximity to major freeways and other important thoroughfares; talk about how fast and easy it is to get to the beach or to head into the mountains. If your home is reasonably close to the vibrant arts and music scene of downtown San Diego, make sure to play that up as well.

    Upgrade Your Yard

    Like many San Diego area residents, you may be into gardening, and your yard may already have a nice fruit or vegetable garden. If so, make sure it’s in good shape and ask your real estate agent to point out how nice it is to have a garden in an area that enjoys such phenomenal weather.

    This is a major selling point because of the lovely Mediterranean climate. If possible, have bowls of fruits and vegetables from your garden on display in the home to drive home the point that gardening is fun and easy in San Diego.

    Enhance Outdoor Living Areas

    Another way to play up the amazing local weather is by enhancing outdoor living areas. Something as simple as stringing a hammock between two trees can really help people envision living a peaceful, laid-back life by purchasing your home.

    Clean up patios and decks, and re-stain them or repair them as necessary. Make sure outdoor furniture is in good shape and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. The goal here is to show buyers that they’ll be able to soak up the incredible weather with ease by moving into your house.

    Keep the Tech-Savvy “Geek Culture” in Mind

    While San Diego is a far cry from Silicon Valley, it’s still known for having a fairly tech-savvy population. As the location of the wildly popular Comic Con, San Diego is also a haven for self-described geeks. With these points in mind, add upgrades to your home that will appeal to those who love technology and geek culture.

    Swapping out old outlets for ones that include USB ports is a prime example. You could also transform a basic family room into a state-of-the-art media center. These upgrades should enhance your ability to get top dollar for your Mesa or San Diego area home.


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