Seller Tip – The Importance of Your First Offer

    In today’s video, Kyle Whissel of the Whissel Realty team addresses a very common mistake we see sellers make.


    Often, when you put your property on the market, the first offer ends up being the best offer. One of the biggest mistakes that we see sellers make is they put their home on the market, and within the first day or two when a great offer comes in the seller then thinks “Oh it’s the first one, let’s wait to see if a better offer will come”


    Often you’re making a huge mistake by not seriously considering your first offer, as the first person to the party is usually the most excited person to be at that party. A great example of this happened recently when we listed a property for $775,00, a very high price for this home. A model match down the street had just sold for $685,000. The first offer came in at $780,000 before they had even seen the property. We opened up showings, and the buyer came to our open house and saw the amount of traffic which made him up his offer to $800,000. A lot of sellers in this scenario would sit around and wait to see if they could maybe get $810,000 or $820,000. This seller decided “That is a great price, that is the number I wanted to hit” took the deal and ran with it.



    Yesterday, the seller called to ask how many other offers came in.  Zero. There were no other offers. Had he waited it out, he could have lost that $800,000 offer. Instead, he was smart, followed our advice and took the first offer. Now he has one of the highest sales prices in that entire zip code.


    We find that very often your first offer is going to be your best, don’t overlook it. If you have any other questions or would like some additional tips on selling your home contact Kyle Whissel:(858)-699-3895

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