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    Selling by Summer’s End in San Diego

    Mortgage rates are always in flux, and no matter what real estate experts are forecasting, it’s as important as ever to get your home on the radar of motivated buyers before summer ends. Selling a home before summer’s end can sometimes be a challenge because people have a tendency to go on vacation and engage in activities that can be distracting. However, many families are more motivated to make a move before the school year starts. Here’s what you can do to get your home on the radar of motivated buyers before the end of summer:

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    Go Green

    First impressions, when it comes to anything, are always important. The first thing anyone will see when walking, driving by, or visiting your home for a showing will be its exterior. Make sure your landscaping speaks volumes. Give your flower beds a perky look with colorful plants and bright buds. Hanging-flower baskets and greenery will usually get a “thumbs up” from potential buyers. Make your home feel like a summer haven with bright blooms and eco-friendly accents such as raised beds or compost barrels.

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    Manage Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Proper landscaping can add tremendous curb appeal and value to your home. Start by choosing flowers and plants that are a match for the San Diego area. Vary the texture and coloring of your plants. Keep in mind that your home’s curb appeal doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Affordable exterior lighting along the driveway can help give your home an appearance of warmth welcoming during evening and nighttime hours.

    Keep the Personal Decor Personal

    Potential buyers already know that every home they visit will have a family history. Be careful not to monopolize the conversation with personal memories about your home and family. Minimize the number of photos on the mantle and tables. Otherwise, your potential buyer will have a harder time imagining themselves in your home. When showing your home, give the potential buyer an opportunity to move freely about. This way they can imagine your home being their home.

    Make the Necessary Improvements

    Cosmetics, such as new paint, updated appliances and landscaping, are good investments and can help a home fare better when showing. Needed mechanical repairs, such as appliances, electrical wiring and plumbing can help you get a top price for your home. There’s nothing worse than having your lights blink on and off or leaky faucets when showing your home to a potential buyer. Make sure your home’s interior and exterior spaces are clutter free.

    Taking time to implement the basics can give your home a healthier and beautiful appearance for your family and its potential owner. For more information on selling your home this summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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