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    Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your San Diego Home In 2019

    If you are considering selling a home in San Diego, make sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes.
    1. Don’t forget to prep
    2. Pricing is KEY
    3. Who represents you matters!


    ONE: Prepare Your Home

    You need to put a lot of time and effort into preparing your home for sale. As the saying goes, first impressions are a lasting impression, so you really want to make sure that that first impression a buyer gets of your home is a good impression. So one of the things we do on our team when somebody lists their home with us is we actually have an interior designer who’s going to come out to the home and walk through the home with you and tell you everything to do to get your home ready so that it shows like a model home. We all know that feeling we get when we walk through a model home in a new home community.

    We’re amazed by the home. We fall in love with it. 

    And putting a little bit of time and energy and effort into preparing your home can make buyers fall in love with it. And when they do, it gets you more money and your home sells quicker.

    TWO: Don’t Overprice Your Home 

    We all love to think that our homes are special. And they are all special in their own unique and individual way. But you got to make sure that you price your home in line with what comparable homes, right?

    Us realtors use this term comps all the time. What that means is a comparable home, or homes that are similar to yours. When pricing your home, you really need to make sure you price in line with the comps. When you overprice your home because it’s special for whatever reason, again, I’m sure your home is super special, but when you overprice your home, you really shoot yourself in the foot. And the reason for that is, the first two to three weeks on the market, that’s when all the eyeballs are on your property. Well, if you price your home too high, none of those eyeballs are going to see your property because you’re outside of the range of what comparable homes are selling for in the area. So nobody’s going to see your property for sale. So then what’s going to happen is after a few weeks or a month or so, you’re going to have to lower your price. Well, the problem is the eyeballs are gone at that time. It’s really hard to get those eyeballs back on your property.

    The only way you can do it is with big, big price reductions.

    Well, now what happens is when a buyer’s looking at your home for sale, they see, oh, the home’s been on the market for a couple of months, it’s had a couple of price reductions. That’s blood in the water. That’s when the sharks start swirling and that’s when you get those low ball offers, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

    So the best thing to do, listen to your agent, right? We’ve sold thousands of homes. We know how to price homes properly. You have to listen to your agent, go with their price recommendation. Don’t overprice your property;.you’re going to end up costing yourself money in the long haul.

    THREE: Who Represents You Matters

    Number three mistake on the list is hiring the cheapest agent.

    There are companies that put billboards up around town and bus benches up around town. And they’re all trying to undercut each other and be the cheapest realtor in town.

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    Or there’s always somebody willing to do it cheaper. Make sure you take the time to sit down and interview a couple of agents, at least two agents. Sure, go ahead and interview the cheap agent. I get it, I’d want to explore that option, too, if I was in your shoes. But also, explore one of the best agents, as well, because there are 25,000 agents in San Diego. There’s not a standard marketing plan among everybody in the city. Everybody does it a little bit differently.

    So sit down with the discount agent, the cheap agent, but sit down with us, as well. We’d love to do that and show you everything that we do to get homes sold. We literally have our process called the Seven Day Listing Launch. It’s trademarked with the US Patent and Trademark Office. That system is so proven and it’s been trademarked. That home has helped us sell thousands of homes all across San Diego.

    So if you’re thinking about selling your home in San Diego in 2019, we would love the opportunity to connect with you, show you what we can do to get your home prepped for sale, to price it right, and really market it properly and get you the most exposure. Give me a call, Kyle Whissel, Whissel Realty Group, 858-699-3895. Talk to you soon.

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