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    We Are NEVER Throwing a Client Appreciation Event Again!

    We love to show our people that chose to work with us that we appreciate them, and because of that we host 4 events each year and invite them all (links below). But when we call the event a “client appreciation party”, we are telling them we only see them as clients, as transactions, as a paycheck (which we OBVIOUSLY do not!). Because of that, we’ve changed the verbiage and it’s made a big impact.

    I’m never throwing a client appreciation event again. And why is that? You’d be like, that’s crazy, “Kyle. You go around and travel the country and talk about throwing events.”

    We do throw events, and we will continue to throw events, but the number one change that we are making to our events and the one change that I recommend that you make to your events, is quit calling them Client Appreciation Events. Right? Who are you inviting to these events? You’re inviting past clients. What did I just say? Past clients. They were clients.

    They should be more than clients right now.

    When you call somebody and you say, hey, we’re having a Client Appreciation Event, you just told them that you look at them as a freaking client. They should be more to you than a client at this point. They are a past client, which means they were a client. They are no longer a client. They should be your friend at this point, because our goal is to take clients and turn them into friends. And those friends refer friends to friends. That’s how this whole thing works.

    So what I want to challenge you to do moving forward, get rid of the term Client Appreciation Event. Change the name to Friends and Family Event. You want to make people feel like they are your friend. You want to make them feel like they are part of your family. I guarantee you, by making this subtle little change in words, it’ll have a dramatic impact on the way that people receive your message.

    And that’s what sales is all about. Subtle changes and words can make a massive impact in your business. So moving forward, get rid of Client Appreciation Event. They are Friends and Family Events.

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