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    What Are Your Priorities as a Home Buyer?

    Whether you’re just about to pull the trigger on your first home purchase here in San Diego or you’re finally set to make that move to the beach, knowing what type of homebuyer you are now and what your priorities are will ensure that you make the right decision when you buy your next home. In today’s blog post we’ll share a few different home buying scenarios and some key considerations that you’ll need to factor in to your purchasing decision.

    What Type of Homebuyer Are You Now?
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    Freeing Yourself from the Endless Renting Cycle

    If you’re a young professional or couple that has been trapped in the renting cycle for some time, buying your first home will be a liberating experience. You’ll be building equity in your own real estate investment and have the freedom to make use of your home and property as you see fit. However, you’ll need to give some consideration as to where you see yourself living and working over the next decade or more. Aim to buy in an area that matches your lifestyle and is close to the amenities that you use on a daily basis.

    Starting a Family? Choose a Future-proof Home

    If you have young children or are planning to in the near future, you’ll have other considerations. One of your main goals should be to live within walking distance to quality elementary and middle schools in a neighborhood that you can feel safe knowing your children are out playing. If you have a specific school in mind you can enter it in our advanced search bar at the top of this page and you’ll see nearby property listings. If not, when you are browsing through our listings you will be able to see which schools are near the home and check their quality ratings with a single click.

    Upgrading Your Space – and Your Lifestyle

    Does your home feel like it’s bursting at the seams? If you’re in need of more space and are thinking about upgrading to a larger house, now is a great time to upgrade your lifestyle as well. What features or amenities have you always wanted in your home? Dream big. If you’re going to make the upgrade, you should be moving to a home that will suit you for another ten or twenty years, if not more.

    Retiring? Downsize Your Home to a Smaller, Upscale Unit

    If it’s time to retire to the beach – or the golf course – you’re likely thinking about downsizing. Condos are an excellent option as the average condo unit has far lower maintenance requirements than a detached house. Another plus is that you’ll have neighbors around, so you’ll never be short of friendly company.

    Take some time to browse through our San Diego real estate listings and when you’re ready to discuss your options, get in touch. The team here at Whissel Realty have decades of collective experience in San Diego, La Jolla, El Cajon and our other local communities and we’re happy to assist you with finding the perfect new home. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to working with you!

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