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    What to Expect After Listing Your Home for Sale

    Many will find that when it comes to selling a house, the costs, emotional toll and selling time are worse than originally anticipated. There are certain aspects of selling your home that will prepare you for the selling process and in this article, we’lll get you familiar with what to expect after listing your house in East County, San Diego, CA.

    Sell my San Diego Home

    Listing Your San Diego Home

    The first step that is usually performed by the realtor is placing your home in the East County Multiple Listing Service (MLS). When houses are put in the MLS it announces the availability of your house to all the San Diego agents. Additionally, your house will probably be posted on real estate websites to reach a large number of potential buyers.

    Signs and Lockbox

    The listing agent will place a for-sale sign in your front yard and it will be in close proximity to the street. There will also be a lockbox secured on your house, most commonly on the front door. The lockbox provides East County agents entry to your house when no one is home. For many, the idea of strangers having access to their home when they aren’t there is unsettling; however, several buying agents will turn away from homes without lockboxes due to the hassle of tracking down the listing realtor.


    Open House

    You should be aware of the fact that several agents will want to have open houses right after listing your home. Therefore, you shouldn’t put your house up for sale until it is completely prepared for showing. Also, from here on out, you will have to vigorously maintain the cleanliness for showings. Often, the agent will hold a brokers’ open house first and then a public open house. The brokers’ open house for (San Diego agents and their clients) usually occurs between Monday and Friday. Traditionally, public open houses are held over the weekend, ideally on Sundays. During the open house, it is beneficial for sellers not to be there. When potential buyers come in, they want to be free to look around and comment positively or negatively. In your presence, they might feel as if they have to hold back.

    Traffic Patterns

    In East County, you will likely generate the most traffic in the first few weeks after the listing of your home. Houses are on the market for an average of 60-90 days, so don’t get discouraged after a couple of weeks when traffic is slowing down. It is normal for the amount of traffic to fluctuate. Sometimes interested buyers will even look at your house a few times before signing a contract.

    Selling Your Home in East County, San Diego, CA

    When you know what to expect after listing your house in East County, San Diego, the selling process will be a little easier. You won’t be caught off guard by the typical listing and selling process. Remember that the real estate market is continually changing and you can’t expect a sale overnight because chances are, it will take awhile. As a seller, it is advantageous to remain flexible (with price, touch-ups and selling tactics).

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