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    Where can you get the best fries in East County?

    Sultan’s Bar and Grill

    Where can you get awesome Mediterranean food in East County? Look no further than Sultan’s Bar and Grill. It’s a family-owned restaurant with delicious Mediterranean classics like chicken shawarma, baklava, and more. We got a great, first-hand look at how these culinary creations come to life. Delicious meats, sauces, and so many awesome flavors await you at Sultan’s Bar and Grill. To learn more, watch this short video.


    Petrino’s Greek Restaurant

    On this edition of East County Eats, we’re at Petrino’s Greek Restaurant in La Mesa. We noticed that this restaurant has some fantastic Yelp! reviews, and for good reason. The recipes here have been developed over generations and the restaurant started as a catering company. They aim to cook and source food properly to make sure that everything you eat is handmade and delicious. We got a closer look at how they make their Petrino’s fries, which include marinated chicken, homemade tzatziki, and fresh tomato and cucumber. To get a better look at these fantastic fries for yourself, watch this short video.


    Growler’s Sub Shack

    Where can you get awesome subs, tots, and salads, as well as gluten-free options and local craft beer? Growler’s Sub Shack in Santee has it all. They found that they could keep the same price point and sandwiches they had while operating as a franchise while improving the quality of their ingredients by becoming Growler’s Sub Shack, Unchained. The menu has expanded and customers have responded positively. I had some delicious oven-baked tots that give you a great, crisp tot without a lot of fat and oil. They’ve got dozens of hot sauces available too to dress up your fries, especially the ones I had topped with mountains of steak and cheese. To get a better look at this mountain of a meal, watch this short video.


    Sahara Taste of the Middle East

    We’re expanding our horizons today with a trip to Sahara Taste of the Middle East. This family-owned business was started seven years ago and has expanded to multiple locations since. We got to see how they prepare their chicken shawarma spits with delicious, marinated meat: First, they load the giant skewer with chicken fat for flavor, then build up the spit with breast and thigh meat; after marinating overnight, they let it roast on the spit slowly for hours. The result is some delicious meat that goes great with their Sahara fries—their own take on carne asada fries. To learn more, watch this short video.


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