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    Who Can Purchase a HUD Home in San Diego?

    HUD Homes in San Diego and throughout the country may be purchased by any individual, company, HUD-approved non-profit organization, or government entity that can secure financing or pay cash for the property.

    Please note that local Listing Brokers (LLBs), their affiliates, owners, managers, employees, sales agents, brokers, and family members and business partners of the aforementioned are prohibited from purchasing any HUD Homes.  Employees of any HUD contractor (such as the AM, FSM, or HUD Designated Closing Agent) or sub-contractor (such as FSM’s vendors, the appraiser, or other AM vendors), and their family members, are also prohibited from purchasing HUD Homes in San Diego.

    Who Can Purchase a HUD Home

    Click this link to download a photo list of San Diego HUD Homes or call us at 619-618-7997 for more info on HUD Homes.


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