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    Who Can Sell a HUD Home in San Diego?

    Any real estate broker registered with HUD, or real estate agent working for a registered broker, may facilitate the sale of a HUD Home in San Diego and throughout the country. All brokers MUST be registered with HUD prior to submitting an electronic bid. Only licensed brokers/agents that are registered with HUD and have an active NAID (Name and Address Identifier) may submit these bids. For details on the registration process, please see the NAID Application page on Please note: Brokers will be required to renew their NAID registration with HUD annually. In addition, both the NAID-registered broker and the selling agent must also be registered to bid on Please also note that an active NAID is not required to show HUD homes in San Diego, but is required to submit bids.

    Who Can Sell a HUD Home in San Diego

    Click this link to download a photo list of San Diego HUD Homes or call us at 619-618-7997 for more info on HUD Homes.

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