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    Why Hire An Interior Designer To Be On Your Real Estate Team

    As a real estate agent, why is it important to have an interior designer on your team?

    When you go and you take a look at a home and you’re getting ready to list that home, more often than not that home is not show ready. That home needs a little bit of attention. It needs some changes to really make it show in the best light possible. If you think about new home communities, they hire some of the best interior designers around so that those homes show in the best light possible because when you go walk through that model home, you’re super impressed, like “wow, this is absolutely amazing” and that’s what gets buyers to by those brand new homes, how nice the model homes are.

    Well shouldn’t you be doing that same thing for your homes that you have listed?

    You absolutely should.

    You should do everything in your power to make sure every home you list shows in the best light possible. So you need to get an interior designer on your team so that every time you sign a listing with a client, one of the fist things that happens is you have an interior designer who goes out there and walks through the home with the seller and gives them a list of what they can do to their home to make it show in the best light possible. By doing so, you’re going to help your client’s home sell faster and sell for more money so we should all be doing that.

    One of the parts of it that I love is I don’t have to be the jerk who tells them to take down all of their family photos, who tells them their house is a mess and they need to declutter. You pass that off onto somebody else where you can stay the professional and be their friend and not be the person who told them to take down their pictures of the cats that they have all over the wall like Mr. Bryan Koci has.

    So that’s why you need an interior designer. You’re going to help your homes sell faster for more money and you’re going to stay in the good graces with your client. Make sure and get an interior designer on your team. If you guys have other questions about taking your business to the next level, I’d love to chat with you. Give me a call or shoot me a text. Kyle Whissel, 858-699-3895.


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