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    Rancho San Diego in El Cajon, CA

    Located 15 miles east of San Diego, Rancho San Diego is nestled in the unincorporated area of El Cajon, California. El Cajon is 14.5 miles square and boasts a near perfect temperature of 70 degrees during the summer. Its population is just under 100,000 people. This makes it the ideal location for those who desire privacy with a sense of community. Residents and visitors enjoy an endless selection of year round activities that cater to all ages.

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    Activities and Local Amenities

    Rancho San Diego is known for its family environment. Children’s activities include sports for all ages. Boys and girls will enjoy organized events that promote teamwork and physical fitness as its main objective. Parents can choose to volunteer time and expertise throughout the season as they gain personal enrichment and build a sense of community.

    The McGrath YMCA hosts activities throughout the year for children as well as adults. Some activities include adult oriented fitness classes. Other activities include arts and crafts for children and adults of all ages. Local community centers provide opportunities to learn gardening and scrapbooking.

    Rancho San Diego is also home to the Cotton Wood and Steele Canyon Golf Clubs. These perfectly manicured courses provide the finest settings for a weekend on the green. Local golf clubs also provide great networking and business opportunities for professionals throughout the county.

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    Rancho San Diego Real Estate and Neighborhoods

    Rancho San Diego is set against the rolling hills of the Cleveland National Forest. Homeowners atop these emerald green hills will also enjoy a view of the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean. From Spanish to traditional styles, homes are complete with high ceilings, upgraded amenities and breathtaking views. Lawns maintain an impeccable appearance throughout the year as homeowners take pride in their community.

    For those who prefer the exclusivity of a gated community, stone water features along with beautiful fountains rival the landscapes of five star hotels. Flowers maintain their vivid colors throughout the year, and local parks within the community provide fun for the entire family.

    Homes are comfortably priced for middle to upper middle class incomes and maintain an endless arrangement of floor plans. Generous square footage accommodates families of all sizes. As the housing market continues to recover, home values have exceeded the average and are sure to maintain or surpass surrounding communities.

    Schools and Community in Rancho San Diego

    Parents will be pleased to discover several student enrichment programs that accompany education. In addition to academic achievement, schools promote social awareness and creative expression through the Excellence in Education Program. Hillsdale Middle School currently ranks number one on the Academic Performance Index.

    Residents can celebrate community through various fundraising events and volunteer opportunities. Rancho San Diego also participates in Habitat for Humanity. International, volunteer opportunities include Heart for Africa and Project Mexico. The Rancho San Diego Public Library even provides opportunities for members of the senior community with its “Grandparents and Books” program. Rancho San Diego combines value and class to form a community that fosters a near perfect, family atmosphere.