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    When the image of suburbia comes to mind, most people associate it with grids of neatly designed streets that rest outside the city. However, that definition of the suburbs definitely does not apply to Clairemont, located in the northwestern part of San Diego.¬†While Clairemont was initially developed as part of the 1950’s suburban boom, there are two major factors that set it apart in its design. The first was the topography of the land — as the hills, bluffs, and canyons prevented any neat grids of streets. Instead, meandering roadways take advantage of the beautiful landscape to create a community that is the exactly opposite of the phrase “cookie-cutter.”

    The second major difference with Clairemont was the inclusion of shops and business space in the initial layout of the community: Instead of houses as far as the eye can see, there are tons of businesses and amenities tucked within Clairemont, making it one of the most organically designed suburbs in the United States.

    Clairemont CA Real Estate

    Why Choose Clairemont?

    The location of Clairemont allows easy access to the entire San Diego metroplex from Interstates 5, 8, and 805. Within twenty minutes are the beaches of La Jolla and Point Loma, while the drive to downtown San Diego is only fifteen minutes down I-5. With its scenic homes and great location, Clairemont is one of the more popular residential areas in San Diego.

    Real Estate in Clairemont

    Spanish-influenced homes that line the canyons and heights of this scenic neighborhood are a staple of the area’s architecture. Many hill gardens and sloping green spaces surround the classic Californian atmosphere of San Diego’s original northern suburb. A large number of homes boast in-ground swimming pools while cul-de-sacs dot the landscape. With great outdoor areas for entertainment and spacious four bedroom homes, Clairemont is a prime destination for working professionals and their families.

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    Schools around Clairemont

    The two high schools are Clairemont High and James Madison High, who have developed a passionate sporting rivalry. Clairemont High was named by Newsweek Magazine as the country’s 848th best high school in 2005, placing it among the top 3% of high schools in the country.

    San Diego Mesa College is also located in Clairemont and is the largest community college in the city. With a strong transfer system tied to both the Cal State and University of California University systems, SD Mesa is a great option for local cost-conscious students to jump start their higher educational curriculum in a location close to home.

    Parks & Recreation

    Clairemont is well-known for its two Canyon parks: Clemente Canyon and Tecolote Canyon. These two areas were preserved by residents in the 1970’s and provide scenic walking trails along streams and into smaller finger canyons where the original landscape has been allowed to flourish. Clemente Canton features the San Clemente Trail, a mountainous and wild walking path. Meanwhile, Tecolote Canyon terminates at the Tecolote Canyon Golf Course.

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