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    Lakeside Real Estate

    Lakeside is a beautiful town that is small and quaint. Known for its cowboy and rodeo western appeal, residents and visitors who enjoy the great outdoors are in constant awe of the historic nature of the city. Residents in Lakeside are warm and friendly as they take pride in their family orientated town. This town is indeed one of the more inviting areas anyone will come across in the state of California.

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    Homes for Sale in Lakeside

    Homes in Lakeside are beautifully built, spacious and affordable for the average American. Most homes in the area feature 3-4 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. Living rooms and dining room areas are perfectly designed for entertaining guests. Lakeside is the perfect place for first time home buyers or individuals looking to upgrade their place of residence.

    People considering relocating to the area will find it easy to locate a beautiful home suited for small, medium and large size families all for affordable prices. Homes in Lakeside range from under $100,000 to $450,000.

    Things to do in Lakeside

    Lakeside is indeed known for having some of the best rodeo. However this town is a lot more than just horses, cowboys and ranches. One of the great features in Lakeside is the Barona Casino. Barona Casino is fun filled for casino game lovers and those who have no desire to play the slots- but rather enjoy great food, fun entertainment and friendly service. For outdoor lovers Lake Jennings, El Captain Reservoir and San Vicente Reservoir are all great places for long nature walks and great fishing expeditions. For golf lovers Barona Creek Golf Club is the perfect place to enjoy a first class golf experience for an affordable price. Residents and visitors of Lakeside are never left feeling slighted from enjoyment when engaging in the festivities of this town.

    There is no question that Lakeside, CA is a dynamic area for residence or visitation. The rich history coupled with the present attractions help people to experience the true feeling of rural western life. The warm inviting feeling exuded by the town’s residents make it ideal for anyone who desires a feeling of family.

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