Banbu Sushi Bar & Grill in La Mesa – Everything East County Ep 9

    Where can you get some of the BEST sushi in East County San Diego? Kyle Whissel visits Banbu Sushi in La Mesa to learn more about them and to see how the diablo roll is made! Hint – it’s with a LOT of peppers!

    Banbu Sushi Menu:

    Banbu Sushi Address: 8555 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 106, La Mesa, CA 91942

    Banbus Sushi Hours:

    Sunday-Thursday   |

    11:00 AM

    10:00 PM

    Friday & Saturday  |

    11:00 AM

    11:00 PM


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    Video Transcript:

    Where can you get some of the best and most unique sushi in all of East County? Today we’re at Banbu Sushi in La Mesa. I am super excited to do this. We’ve been wanting a sushi restaurant on the show for a long time. These guys are steppin’ up to the plate. Let’s get to it. Michelle, we’re excited to be here today.

    So am I.

    We are at Banbu Sushi in La Mesa. Tell us a little about the restaurant.

    Well, Banbu Sushi’s been here for 11 years already and we’re a full sushi and bar dining experience. So, we offer a full sushi experience as well as the grill, so, we have everything here.

    This is the place to be

    It is.

    [Kyle] if you want sushi. What makes you guys different?

    It’s just the whole environment, the atmosphere, the ambiance, the food. It’s all of it together. So the patio’s a beautiful environment. The indoor dining area is beautiful. So I think people really love just the whole experience.

    Yeah, your menu’s crazy. You guys have some super unique stuff on there, which we’re going to get to try today, so I’m super excited. Let’s go in the kitchen. Let’s check it out.

    Let’s go!

    All right, Rico. I’m excited to see how this thing’s made. I’ve eaten the Inferno Roll before, but I’ve never seen it made, so, I’m going to let you do your thing, but you kind of tell us how you’re puttin’ this masterpiece together and then tell me about the inspiration behind something like this.

    Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Okay, so, the seaweed that we use is actually organic seaweed. It’s a little bit more delicate, but I feel like the crunch and the texture that you get out of it is probably better than like the seaweed that you would get at cheaper value. The Inferno Roll is pretty much based off of spicy. We have jalapenos in there, we have spicy crab, spicy Yellow-tail, habanero sauce, spicy mayo. Just a group of spicy stuff. Some jalapenos first, some spicy Yellow-tail mix. This is pretty much chopped up spicy Yellow-tail with a habanero sauce and our own little spicy sauce concoction that we kind of come up with.

    I love me some spicy food, baby.

    And then next up we have spicy crab, which is crab mix. It’s imitation crab, mixed up with some spicy sauce, the same one that we use for the spicy Yellow-tail and everything. That’s your tempura. Now, this roll calls for a two-piece Yellow-tail, two pieces of salmon. A slice of avocado in between every piece of fish. With sushi, it’s all about, pretty much the design that you put on. A lot of different kinds of cuisines. You can smell it, and you can remember it. But, like the thing about sushi is if you smell it, it’s not a good thing, you know. You smell fish. So that’s why it has to be beautiful so that people can remember it and want it again, you know. All right, so this is garlic aioli. It’s pretty much garlic infused spicy mayo.

    [Kyle] Okay.

    [Rico] Habanero sauce.

    Just in case there’s not enough spicy already, just throw a little more spice on top.

    [Rico] All right, so next up we have a Ceviche chopped up albacore, chopped up shrimp, mixed up in our ceviche sauce and jalapenos. And mix it up with some habanero-infused Masago eggs, which are Salmon raw eggs.

    Just a little more habanero, why not?

    [Rico] Just a little more spice, you know. It’s the Inferno Roll, they know what they’re getting. So this is black sesame seeds. I’m going to put two dots of habanero sauce for garnish.

    Good, just in case, It’s not enough. A little bit more.

    Just in case you don’t have enough. And then we have quartered out cucumber here, have some rum-infused salt.

    All right, guys, I am insanely excited to dive into this thing. This roll is peppers on top of peppers, on top of peppers. 14 different ingredients go into this, and the amount of prep-work that goes into infusing all of these sauces and everything is crazy. This roll is one of my favorites. Mm. The quality with the fish here, like Chef talked about, you want to see the fish, not smell the fish. That’s the taste of an amazingly fresh fish. And then you got all the different spices on there. The habanero, the jalapeno. You got the albacore, you got the salmon. Like, that roll, guys, is freaking delicious. And if you like spice, this is right up your alley. I challenge you to come have this Inferno Roll. Eat the whole thing without a drink. Let’s see if you can take it down. I hope you guys really enjoyed this episode as much as I did. You guys need to come check it out. Banbu Sushi in La Mesa. Amazing place, amazing people, and a really cool environment to just come hang out, have some drinks with friends. Part of the reason I love sushi so much, is it brings friends together. So you guys need to come check it out, Banbu Sushi. If you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to share it, comment on it, like it, so everybody can learn about this awesome spot here in East County. Thank you so much for watching this episode of Everything East County.

    [Camera Man] You said the word habanero a lot, so.

    Habanero, there’s jalapeno inside, jalapeno outside, habanero inside, habanero outside. It’s everywhere, baby.

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