How to Stage Your Spare Room

    Staging your home is a key part of the sales process – and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The better your home is staged, the more serious interest you will attract and in turn this will make it easier to sell. The end goal is to enable a buyer to envision exactly how they would furnish your home if they were to purchase it. Let’s take a look at a few different options for staging the spare room(s) in your home in order to appeal to a wider base of buyers.

    How to Stage Your Spare Room

    Impressing the Fitness Lovers

    It’s no secret that residents of San Diego, El Cajon and parts in between are a very active bunch; staging your spare room for health and fitness use allows for a generalized approach that is sure to resonate with many. When you’re giving some thought to layout, don’t just turn the room into a home gym. Consider setting up the room for yoga and pilates, meditation, stretching and more as having nothing more than some mats and a large multi-function weight won’t quite paint the mental picture that you’re after.

    The Play Room is an Obvious Choice for Families

    If you’re selling a larger home, an easy option is to stage one of the bedrooms as a play area for children. Families with children are the typical buyer of homes with four or more bedrooms, and if you’re selling a home in a family-friendly community like Coronado, University City or La Jolla, most of your potential buyers are likely to have children. When staging a play room, use neutral colors and work in furniture and toys that fit with the décor.

    Staging as a Media Room

    Individuals and families of every type are likely to enjoy the occasional TV or movie watching session, so a media room is another great choice. Use lighting that can set the mood, and ensure that the television or projector screen is the focal point of the room. You’ll also want to ensure there is ample seating, and that the furniture looks cozy. If you’re going to move out before you stage the home, you can go a little further and add a large sound system to really give your potential buyers a clear picture of how much they would enjoy moving in and getting that ‘media cave’ built.

    Although it’s a bit of work, staging can be the most fun part of the home selling process as it allows one to exercise their creativity. When you’re ready to stage and sell your home, we’re ready to help! Contact Whissel Realty today and one of our professional real estate agents will assist. In the meantime, download our free home seller’s eBook The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home for more great tips.

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