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    Oaks Tavern & Kitchen in Santee CA

    Have you been to Oaks Tavern and Kitchen yet?
    One of the newest restaurants in Santee, Kyle Whissel talks with David (who owns the breakfast & lunch spot Janet’s Cafe and Deli next door) to learn more about this NEW American-Mexican fusion eatery.

    Oaks Tavern & Kitchen in Santee CA

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    Video Transcript:
    Today on Everything East County we are at the hottest new restaurant to open up in Santee. We’re going to check out Oaks Tavern and Kitchen, which is a sister restaurant to Janet’s Cafe and Deli. Let’s get to it. East County San Diego has a lot to offer. Amazing food, a rich history, tons of community events, and amazing people and organizations. I’m Kyle Whissel with Whissel Reality Group and this is Everything East County. David, how are you?

    Good, how are you doing?

    I’m good, man. I’m excited to be here. I’ve heard a lot about the place, but tell us about Oaks Tavern.

    It’s basically a family-owned restaurant, you know, and we have some authentic Mexican food. We have burgers, we have flat breads. Just a little bit of everything for everyone. You know, I mean, we have an Adobada Burger, we have a Shrimp Hamburger, it’s called the Oaks Burger. That’s probably one of

    You said a Shrimp Hamburger?

    Yeah, so it’s a patty made out of shrimp.

    All right.

    You know, it’s something that is very unique. No one carries anything like that.

    You’re speaking my love language. Good.

    And you’ve got some beer back here as well, so tell me about that.


    Beer, as you know, we try and go with all the local beers

    Yeah here in Santee. We have Burning beer, we have BNS, we’re going to get in with PIB, and then, you know, like, we love all those people.


    You know, just to kind of support, you know, that small community


    feel, that’s what we do. So

    Cool man, well I’m getting hungry here. Let’s go back into the kitchen. Let’s make some food.

    Sounds good.

    I’ll follow you.

    All right, so, Monica, what are we making today?

    We’re going to make a Mexican Meatloaf.



    I’m excited for this. I’ve never had a Mexican Meatloaf.

    Okay, I hope you like it nice. Good. So what are we going to start out with?

    Okay, so I have already right here, the ground beef, and we’re going to add all this ingredient, like, bread crumbs,

    [Whissel] All right. and we’re going to add also roasted corn, onions, and jalapenos. Okay, also diced tomatoes.

    All right

    And, we’re going to throw some spices on here. What kind of spices

    Yeah, it is like, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, chili powder. So, we going to mix everything.

    [Whissel] This is where the love comes into, right?


    [Whissel] Got to put some love into your food. So, how many people will this one bowl feed?

    So, we start making just like 10 pounds like each week, but the last two weeks we start making like probably 20 pounds, and last week I start making like 30 pounds.

    So, it’s been a popular dish.

    Yes, it’s very popular, this one, yeah. Okay, so now, we going to do this.

    All right, so we got everything all mixed up. Lot’s of love put in there mixing it all up. What’s the magic to a good meatloaf here?

    I think it’s like I really like to cook.


    So, and I think it’s that. You know, like, some people has been asking me, you know, like, how you make it? I give to other lady the recipe and she’s like, “it doesn’t taste the same”, and I’m like, “well I don’t know, you know”. I think it’s about which person,

    Yeah. but I really don’t know.

    I don’t think she put enough love into it.


    I think that’s what it is.

    Okay, now, I’m going to wrap it in bacon. Just cover with bacon.

    So, now this one is ready, and we going to put it inside the oven.

    [Whissel] When the meatloaf gets ordered, we’re going to throw it out here on the skillet, get it nice and fresh.


    It’s probably like juices come back from the bacon too.

    Yes, a little bit, yeah.

    [Whissel] All right, perfect

    [Whissel] All right guys, I am super excited to dive into to this one. I love me a good meatloaf, and this is a totally unique meatloaf. One of the things we want to do on this show is bring dishes to you, you don’t see anywhere else. They got this crazy Mexican Meatloaf. They have a Shrimp Burger! We’re going to feature that too. This is going to be a lot of fun guys, but lets dive into it. I love that they got the house made chipotle on top. Little spices on there. That was so delicious. What I love about it is it, it’s nice and moist in there, and it’s got a little bit of spice to it, that little Mexican flavor mixed in there with the jalapenos, the chipotle sauce on top. Guys, this is delicious, and this is a sweet little spot here in Santee, Oaks Tavern and Kitchen. If you guys like small, family owned restaurants, this is a place you need to come check out. They’ve got some beer, they got wine, they got delicious food, and as you saw in the kitchen a lot of love goes into this food. So, come check it out, Oaks Tavern and Kitchen, here in Santee. If you like this video, I’d love for you to share it, like it, comment on it, let everybody know about this awesome family owned restaurant. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of Everything East County.

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