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    How To Prepare Your Home To Be Photographed

    As you prepare your home to be photographed, there are a few things you should do BEFORE your photographer arrives.


    • So one of the first things you want to do is to prep the outside for photos. This involves moving any cars, or trailers, that may be parked in the driveway. You can either park your vehicles in your garage, or park them on the street a few houses away.
    • Make sure to stow all waste bins as well, either on the side yard or in the garage.
    • If you have a pool, make sure to remove the pool hose with plenty of time beforehand, so that any water that may drip on the walkway has time to dry.


    • A key aspect to making your home look great in photos is opening up the blinds all the way.
    • Turn on all lights
    • Turn off all fans
    • Take note as to which bulbs are out so you can go back and replace them before your photographer arrives.
    • Make sure to declutter any counters, stow away trash cans, and remember, less is more.
    • Make sure all beds are made
    • Pick up after any kids or pets.


    Here is a checklist with all the above and MORE to help make your home look the best it possibly can for photos!

    Click to see the checklist full size


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