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    12 Tips to Selling Your East County Home Before the Holidays

    Even in the sunny wine-growing regions of East County, San Diego, the real estate market tends to cool during the winter holidays. But there are still steps that you can take to encourage a fast sale. If selling your home before Santa slides down the chimney is more valuable to you than all of the gifts featured in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song, here are 12 tips for getting your home ready to sell in 12 days.

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    1. Find an Agent Who Knows How to Sell Your Home

    As critical as it is to find a qualified and experienced real estate agent, it’s equally important to make sure that the agent has the necessary resources and contacts to market your home effectively. Spend day one finding an agent who can provide you with all the services that you need to sell your home quickly.

    2. See What Your Home Is Worth

    On day two, talk with your agent about research conducted on comparable home in your East County neighborhood. The agent should have a competitive or comparative market analysis at the ready that includes data and prices of homes similar to yours that have been sold recently in your area.

    3. Decide on a Listing Price

    Work with your agent to set an appropriate but competitive price for your home on day three. The listing agreement that you’ll be signing is a legal contract so make sure that you understand all of its terms, including the type of listing, the commission rate and rules for negotiating the final sale price.

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    4. Make Any Necessary Repairs

    The condition of your home is a major selling point, so use day four to schedule needed home repairs to ensure that your home will pass a home buyer’s inspection. Fix faulty plumbing and lighting, and make sure that your heating and cooling systems are up to par.

    5. Clear the Clutter in Each Room

    Your personal belongings and home accessories make it challenging for home shoppers to visualize themselves living in your home. Clutter makes rooms appear crowded and chaotic too. Don’t cram items into closets to hide them, however. Home buyers look for homes with ample storage. They’ll be inspecting closets carefully. On day five, pack up non-essential items and store them elsewhere.

    6. Arrange Furniture in a Way That Sells

    On day six, stage your furnishings to make the most of the space and light in your home. Clear out small pieces of furniture, remove heavy window treatments and arrange living room seating in casual conversation groups. Make sure that’s there’s ample room to walk around and view your home.

    7. Stage the Bathroom

    Bathrooms are a major selling point in every home in the East County area. On day seven, take the time to ensure that your bathrooms are spotless and gleaming. Replace faulty faucets, stained mirrors, and drab shower curtains. Your design goal is to give the room the ambiance of a luxury spa.

    8. Stage the Kitchen

    Home shoppers typically make a beeline to the kitchen so make it your goal to stage the kitchen to its best advantage on day eight. Clear everything but one or two items off the counters. Rid the room of any excess furniture and polish appliances to perfection.

    9. Enhance the Curb Appeal

    Your East County home has to compete in natural beauty of the region’s rolling hills and majestic mountains. On day nine, enhance your home’s curb appeal with a tidy planting of seasonal flowers, set against an immaculately groomed lawn. First impressions are key to successful home sales.

    10. Add Seasonal Touches

    On day 10, stage a few holiday decorations throughout your home’s living spaces, such pine-scented candles, potted poinsettias, and an evergreen centerpiece. Don’t forget to hang a wreath on your front door. Your goal is to capitalize on the buyer’s holiday mood without over-personalizing the space.

    11. Prepare and Host an Open House

    Schedule an open house to host on day 11. Update the “for sale” sign with an “open house” message, set up sign-in sheets near the front door and prepare refreshments. Conduct tours that highlight your home’s best selling points.

    12. Review Feedback from the Open House

    If no offer is made on your home by day 12, review feedback that you’ve received from your open house with your agent to find alternate ways to speed up your home’s sale. A great agent can help you devise the most effective selling strategy for your East County home.

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