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    Top 3 Home Selling Tips in 2020

    If you are looking to SELL your home in San Diego in 2020, make sure you follow these steps to make the most out of it.

    1. Prepare Your Home
    2. Be Flexible With Showings
    3. At Least 1 Weekend Of Showings


    Kyle Whissel is going to share with you the three things you need to know if you’re thinking about selling a home in San Diego in 2020.

    1. Number one, prep the home.
    2. Number two, be flexible with showings.
    3. And number three, make sure you get at least one weekend of exposure.

    Let’s dive into those three, number one is prep the home. Do not just throw your home on the market as is. You want to spend a little bit of time prepping the home, getting it ready to go on the market, ’cause that little bit of time that you spend upfront can mean a lot more money on the back end. So, what are we doing to prep the home? Well, I know our team, we have an interior designer who walks through all of our homes before they go on the market and gives all of our clients kind of a punch list of what to do to get the home ready so it’s going to be a lot of the, you know, basics: declutter, depersonalize, it’s also going to be figuring out how can we reconfigure some of the furniture to really maximize the space that we have.

    It could be finishing up some of those projects, any loose ends that you might have, you always want to finish those because when people see unfinished projects, it could be something very minor, well people make mountains out of molehills all the time when they’re looking at buying a home so spend a little bit more time up front, get the house ready before you get it on the market. Don’t rush it.

    Number two, be flexible with showings. We have a saying in our office, the easier it is to show, the easier it is to sell. You want to make your home as easy as possible for agents and for buyers to go see. While in a perfect world, everybody would plan out all the homes they want to see tomorrow, today, that doesn’t happen, a lot of times people are out on the road, they’re on their app, pulling up different properties, and they’re on the road, they want to go see property A.S.A.P. Well, if you’re the home that can be shown A.S.A.P. and the one across the street from you needs a 24-hour notice, guess which one’s going to get seen and which ones not. So, especially when you first hit the market, be very, very flexible. Make that house open, make it easy for people to show. What we encourage our clients to do a lot of times, is just maybe go out of town the weekend we go on the market or go camp out, go to the beach for the weekend, just take a little time and just get away from the house so you’re not having to constantly come and go.

    But the easier it is to show, the easier it is to sell, the easier it is to sell, the more money you’re going to get.

    Third thing, make sure you get a full weekend of exposure. The market’s hot right now, buyers are very excited, a lot of times they’re writing offers before the house ever hits the market. Well, if it never actually hits the market, did you ever get full exposure? Probably not. I encourage you to be patient and get at least one full weekend of exposure. I know we’re very strategic when we list our homes, they go live on either a Wednesday or Thursday, we don’t allow showings until the weekend, and we get as many people in there over the weekend as we can, and then we look at all the offers that come in on Monday. That way we get everybody in, we make sure everybody has ample opportunity to see it. In a perfect world, we’re getting multiple offers and can drive that price up, and put as much money as possible into your pocket.

    So, if you’re thinking about moving here in 2020, we’d love the opportunity to help you out. We do offer free home evaluation where we can tell you exactly what we can get your home sold for in this market. Give us a call, 619-618-7997.


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